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The Nash is owned by Jazz in Arizona, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Located at 110 E. Roosevelt Street, Phoenix, it is named for “the most valuable player” in jazz (Modern Drummer Magazine), Phoenix native Lewis Nash. The Nash preserves the cultural treasure of American music history, showcases live performance and ensures the future of the […]

New “Giant Steps” Art Show

Art at The Nash Giant Steps

In celebration of the 2nd Anniversary of The Nash,  “Giant Steps” is on exhibit through January 8, 2015, showcasing art  inspired by milestones, noting the importance of taking leaps of faiths and making strides, whether literal or figurative. Our extraordinary artists in this show are: Paula Cullison Bob Estrin Julie Frye Jon Lutter Clarice McIlvain Marilyn Miller […]

The Nash 2nd Anniversary


To say that The Nash has exceeded our wildest expectations would be an understatement! In a little over two years’ time, The Nash has gone from an optimistic vision for jazz community to the most hopeful of realities. The 2nd Anniversary Celebration of The Nash commemorates our extraordinary progress and provides opportunities to support our […]