2017 Summer Jazz Workshops

The Nash is proud to announce the return of our Summer Jazz Workshops! This program is a great opportunity for people of all ages and skill levels to learn from our distinguished faculty in a small group setting, while interacting with other aspiring musicians. The workshops cover a wide variety of topics and offer something for everyone. So, get out of the heat and get into some jazz at The Nash this summer!

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Weeklong Workshops

  • Hard Bop – Instructor: Matt Williams, May 22 to May 25, 9am-12pm $150
    • Explores Hard Bop Jazz literature made popular by artists such as Clifford Brown, Art Blakey, Cannonball Adderley, Horace Silver, Benny Golson, and more. Under the direction of pianist and vibraphonist Matt Williams, the Hard Bop Workshop offers an enriching jazz experience for musicians of all ages and experience levels wishing to explore improvisation, arranging techniques, & ensemble performance beyond the Great American Songbook. Intended for all ages and skill levels, some experience is preferred.
  • Jazz Guitar Bootcamp – Instructor: Jeff Libman, May 30 to June 1, 9am-12pm – $90
    • This three-day workshop is taught by Dr. Jeff Libman, Clinical Associate Professor of Jazz Studies at ASU, and will feature instruction in scales, chords, improvisation, technique, approaches to repertoire, essential recordings, and more. Intended for beginning to intermediate players. Bring your guitar and your amp as well if possible.
  • Developing a Personal Style – Instructors: Mary Petrich, Keith Kelly, John Meier, May 30 to June 1, 1pm-4pm – $90
    • There are many paths one can take to cultivate a personal style. If “sounding like yourself” is the goal, what methods of practicing can be most beneficial? Come learn how one can develop an approach to music and practicing that is rooted in tradition, but maintains a focus on developing a unique style/sound. Intended for intermediate to advanced skill levels.
  • Trad Jazz* – Instructor: Gabe Hall-Rodrigues & Zach Wiggins, June 5 to 8, 9am-12pm – $150
    • Working in small and large group settings, the Trad Jazz Workshop focuses on music from the New Orleans tradition made popular by artists such as Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, and Bix Beiderbecke. Under the direction of Gabe Hall-Rodriguez and Zach Wiggins, the Trad Jazz Workshop provides a fun and exciting entry point for the exploration of the improvisatory arts. Open to all ages and experience levels.
  • Rhythm Section Techniques with Lewis Nash  Instructor: Lewis Nash, June 5 to 8, 1pm-4pm – $150
    • Join master jazz drummer Lewis Nash and delve into jazz rhythm section playing. Students will explore diverse rhythm section styles, jazz rhythm section interaction, playing in the “pocket,” supporting soloists, and other considerations for high-level, artistic rhythm section performance. Nash will demonstrate various concepts and share carefully curated listening examples of master jazz rhythm sections. Intermediate to advanced rhythm section instrumentalists welcome. Be ready to play!
  • Vocal Jazz* – Instructor: Greg Amerind, June 12 to 15, 9am-12pm – $150
    • Instructed by Dr. Greg Amerind, the Vocal Jazz Workshop will focus on the vocalist’s role in a jazz ensemble. Vocalists will explore the basics of what to listen for when performing with an ensemble, how to choose tunes and keys, intros and endings, improvisation, and vocal techniques. Designed for beginning to advanced vocalists.
  • Jazz Improv Essentials – Instructor: Pam Morita, June 12 to 15, 1pm-4pm – $120
    • Contrary to common belief, jazz improvisation is a learned skill. It is a language developed over time, which involves listening, imitation, speaking small phrases, and eventually sentences that have a deeper meaning. Students will explore these ideas and utilize them over the harmonic structure of scales, arpeggios, and chords so that we can begin to speak the language of Jazz. “Maiden Voyage” by Jamie Aebersold is recommended, but not required. Open to all ages and skill levels. No prior experience of playing jazz is required, but knowledge of major scales and chords in all keys is helpful.
  • Afro-Cuban Jazz* – Instructors: Michael Kocour, Raul Yañez, Ryan Anthony, June 19 to 22, 9am-12pm – $150
    • Focuses on Afro-Cuban Jazz and Mambo literature made popular by artists such as Mario Bauza, Machito Grillo, Eddie Palmieri, and Chucho Valdéz. Under the direction of ASU Director of Jazz Studies Michael Kocour, the workshop also features instructional staff that includes Raul Yanez and Ryan Anthony. These instructors bring an inspiring and culturally enriching music experience to participants of all ages and experience levels. The Afro-Cuban Jazz Workshop is co-presented by the Nash and the Arizona State University Department of Jazz Studies. The Afro-Cuban Jazz workshop pairs wonderfully with the Latin Percussion Basics workshop, which directly follows it from 1pm to 4pm. Open to all ages and skill levels. Please bring your instruments.
  • Latin Percussion Basics* – Instructor: Joe Goglia, June 19 to 22, 1pm-4pm – $150
    • Percussionist Joe Goglia will enable students to identify and play authentic rhythms originating in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Africa & South America. Learn how to play a Cha-Cha, Rumba, Bomba, Samba, and Mambo on indigenous percussion instruments. All of these rhythms and feels will be experienced through guided listening and performing as a group. The Latin Percussion Basics workshop pairs wonderfully with the Afro-Cuban Jazz Workshop, which directly precedes it from 9am to 12pm. Open to EVERYONE! Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are all welcome.  
      *Indicates a concert on the last day of the workshop at 7:30pm @ The Nash

Weekly Workshops – 4:30-6:30pm

  • Jazz Theory & Ear Training – Instructors: Jeff Libman, Russ Schmidt, Matt Williams, May 25, June 1, June 8 $90
    • Split into three sessions, this workshop will cover Ear Training instructed by Dr. Jeff Libman, Jazz Theory instructed by Russ Schmidt, and Common Chord Progressions and Substitutions instructed by Matt Williams. Each session is designed to begin with a broad overview of the session’s subject matter, and progressively advance into in-depth exercises and practice techniques. Students will walk away from all three courses with the knowledge, materials and practice techniques they will need to seriously advance their knowledge and understanding of jazz theory, harmony and ear training. Designed for intermediate to advanced skill levels.
  • Freeplay Ensemble – Instructor: Russ Schmidt, June 22, June 29, July 6, July 13 – $120
    • The Freeplay Ensemble Workshop provides a unique opportunity for creative growth through free improvisation. Focusing on spontaneous interaction in an environment that deemphasizes traditional forms, this workshop will develop one’s ability to communicate with other musicians while also enhancing their listening skills. Open to musicians of all ages and experience levels.
  • Jazz Educators Combo – Instructor: Keith Kelly, June 26, July 3, July 10 – $90
    • The Music Educators Jazz Combo is designed for teachers in the community who would like more experience performing jazz and improvising. These sessions will focus on style, approaches to improvisation, and learning jazz in the chamber-group setting. Instructed by Dr. Keith Kelly. Open to all instruments and voices, no experience with jazz is necessary.
  • Imitate, Assimilate, innovate; Transcribing – Instructor: Adam Roberts, June 28, July 5, July 12 – $90
    • Unlock the knowledge of master improvisers and expand your musical voice. This course presents Adam Roberts’s approach to enriching your jazz vocabulary through transcription. Topics covered include strategies for getting started, ear training, taking on melody, taking on chords, going beyond notes and rhythms, and how to apply what you have transcribed. All skill levels welcome!

Topics in Jazz – One-Time Workshops

  • Jazz Session Etiquette – Instructor: Jeff Libman, June 4, 5-6pm – FREE!
    • Have you ever wanted to “sit in” at a jazz jam session but were not sure how things would go? In this free clinic, Dr. Jeff Libman will offer suggestions on what to prepare, how to conduct oneself, and how to thrive at a jam session. He will also discuss the history and culture of jazz jam sessions. Vocalists and instrumentalists of all ages and experience levels are welcome. Bring your instruments. A full three-hour jam session at The Nash will immediately follow this clinic.
  • A Jazz Musicians Guide To Music & Technology  – Instructor: Adam Roberts, June 25, 3-5pm – $30
    • Take a look at how technology has expanded the world for Jazz musicians. Focusing on 2 areas: 1) technology in the practice room, and 2) technology in the professional world, this course will identify and demonstrate practice tools to help with transcribing, recording, training your ear, and making the process more fun and effective. Hour 2 will look at professional tools for website promotion, online lessons, streaming, and at-home recording. Laptops are encouraged but not required. All skill levels welcome!
  • The Harlem Renaissance and the Swing Era (Jazz History/Culture Discussion) – Instructor: Dr. Chris Wells, June 18, 3-5pm – $30
    • This workshop will explore the musical culture of Harlem, New York during the 1920s and 1930s and the critical role of African Americans in developing the music that would come to be known as “swing.” We will discuss prominent musicians and bands (including Fletcher Henderson, Chick Webb, Gladys Bentley, Ella Fitzgerald, and Duke Ellington) and their contributions. In addition, we will discuss the various spaces for live music making—rent parties, cabarets, ballrooms—and the impact of the 1929 Wall Street crash on musical life in this fascinating and critically important neighborhood. All learners are welcome!
  • Freedom Now: Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement (Jazz History/Culture Discussion) – Instructor:Dr. Chris Wells, July 2, 3-5pm – $30
    • This workshop will focus on Max Roach and Oscar Brown’s groundbreaking composition We Insist!: The Freedom Now Suite as both a breathtaking piece of art and a window into jazz musicians’ broader involvement in the civil rights movement during the 1960s. We will discuss the Freedom Now Suite’s history and genesis and listen closely to its many striking features with a special emphasis on the work of singer Abbey Lincoln. All learners are welcome!

More summer programs to be added!