November 5 Jazz Matinee: Mary Petrich & Jeanne Newhall

3:00 – 5:00 PM

Admission: $20, $10 Students (25 & Under w/ ID)

CLICK HERE for tickets

Jeanne Newhall-vocals/piano, Mary Petrich-saxophones

Jeanne Newhall is rooted in change. As a vocalist, a composer of words and music, and a classically trained pianist, Newhall has always had a passion for new experiences and the fresh directions they can bring. Her explorations have led her to the realms of jazz and R&B—and even hip hop—and rock and pop , expanding her musical universe and revealing themselves in her warm, rich vocals, lyrical vocabulary and the immaculately nuanced notes of her piano. Common through the warp and weft of all her changes and adventures and endeavors is an enduring sense of spirit and the spiritual. “I have often been told that music brings peace, happiness and goodness,” says Newhall, who has practiced Ashtanga Royal Yoga daily for more than 10 years. “My charge is to always keep that in mind; it is. I go to it when I go to the instrument. It is there, waiting. It did not come from practicing hard or being a child prodigy. It came later and it came with long struggle and slow surrender. The only way I can gracefully take a bow to this sublime influence in my life is to sing and play to it and for it.”

As a saxophonist Mary Petrich has been performing professionally and teaching since the age of 18. She holds a Master’s degree in saxophone performance from ASU and a Bachelor’s degree in saxophone performance from Indiana University.
Although classically trained, the spontaneity and freedom of jazz has emerged as the driving force in her musical career.

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