October 14 Jazz Matinee: Bruce Forman’s “The Red Guitar”

3:00 – 5:00 PM

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$30 VIP, $25 Preferred, $20 General, $8 Students (25 & Under w/ ID, General Section only)
$4 per ticket will be added at checkout to cover processing costs.

Note: Ticket prices at the door will include the added processing costs.  

Imagine receiving an invitation to a gala featuring John Coltrane, Sigmund Freud, and Faust. Bruce Forman’s “The Red Guitar” is all that and more. It draws on Forman’s decades of experience as a formidable jazz guitarist and his considerable skill as a storyteller and teacher, producing a work that is greater than the sum of its dazzling parts.

A story in and about jazz, The Red Guitar showcases Bruce Forman’s genre—breaking inventiveness and his ability to improvise and create within a classical form. Enlisting the full power of the jazz idiom and integrating it with seasoned and provocative story-telling, he confronts the dilemma of artistic obsession face-to-face—by creating a work of art that simultaneously explores and demonstrates the hold that music has over its most ardent followers, the hold that poses itself as a life-or-death, must-be-solved-question to Forman and his ilk: “The Red Guitar. Do you play it…or does it play you?

See where you stand as Bruce Forman presents The Red Guitar at The Nash.

**Based on The Red Violin, where the instrument brings turmoil and tragedy through generations; and The Red Shoes, where the shoes desire to dance ultimately possess and kill the dancer, this is a story that explores the genesis and nature of our passions, and what lengths we are willing to go to serve them.

***Bruce Forman combines stellar guitar playing, humor and compelling storytelling that explores a life in the pursuit of sound. The Red Guitar: do you play it…or does it play you?


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