The Nash presents: HOME: Celebrating Community

A three-artist exhibition celebrating The Nash’s sense of community through iconic paintings of our downtown Phoenix neighborhoods will open with a free public Artists’ Reception on Wednesday, January 3 from 6 – 8:00 p.m. with music provided by Stan Sorenson. Work on display will include mixed-media images of neighborhoods, paintings of iconic Phoenix scenes, and a selection of paintings featuring jazz centenarians.

Featured Artists:

Aileen Frick; mixed-media collage

I am interested in the way collage can be integrated into paintings so that one is not conscious of the boundary between the printed image and paint. Beauty and silence play an important part in my artwork. The paintings become quiet meditations on meaning and existence. Most of all, I try to create spaces that will invite the viewer inside. Each image is a progression of time into a quiet place within. The artistic result is no more than the language of that expression. Be it a vision, a memory, or an attraction, what is stored within cannot always be expressed in words. The degree, depth and sincerity of feelings or emotions are difficult to properly describe with language. My art is my music. Its measure may be the degree you find within yourselves connections to what I do not say, but what lies before you within the collage.

Jose Andres Giron; painting

José Andrés Girón has been dedicated to art since early childhood.  From his father’s side his New Mexico roots can be traced to the first settlers on the Rio Grande.  From his mother’s side to early Hispanic Arizonans and old Mexico rich cultural history. 

Family and culture has influenced his choice of subject matter in deciding what is important to express in his art.  His workl almost always depicts the positive and beautiful things of the Hispanic/Latino culture.  “Andrés”, as he likes to be called, was born in Phoenix, Arizona and lived by the airport close to the Golden Gate Barrio. His works speak volumes not only to the Latino culture, but to all cultures.  Enjoy the pleasing subject matter and the bold colors of Andrés work.

Abe Zucca; painting

Abe Zucca has been working in the Phoenix Downtown art scene for more than five years with solo exhibitions at various Downtown venues. His work is the most cutting edge art that has appeared on the Arizona scene in a long time! At first notice of his work you are immediately captivated by his liberated drawing technique and the often auto-biographical images he produces. Abe says about his inspiration for making art: “the irrelevant details about me supply emotions which, because of their irrelevance, inhibit the main effect. I am just a process of sensibilities and through my art you read yourself.”

Exhibition dates: January 3 – March 31, 2018 (open to audiences during performances)