The Nash Presents: Take Five, Five Years of The Nash in Photographs

September 26 – December 31

To help celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of The Nash, we present a special photographic exhibit; “Take Five, Five Years of The Nash in Photographs”, featuring photographs of iconic artists performing on our stage.

Four of the photographers who have been on hand to chronicle major events at The Nash are participating in this show:

Diane Banyai – “Music and photography are two of my longest-running passions.  It has been my pleasure to fulfill these passions by experiencing and capturing some of the finest world class music at The Nash.”

Bill Goodman – “I was born and grew up right here in Phoenix 56 years ago. Unlike many photographers, my interest didn’t develop until I was in my thirties, around 1995, as I recall. I shot film for the first decade or so, then switched to digital, due mainly to the ease with which photos can be shared. I have a particular fondness for black and white photography, which I feel to be more expressive. Early on in my music shooting experimenting, I developed a fondness for Ilford 3200. I’ve been photographing live music for about a decade and a half, and mostly shoot musical performances for the sheer fun it.”

Carrie Motzing – Carrie began shooting in 2013, taking photos for MIM’s Music Theater. As she continues to pursue her degree in Graphic Design/Photography she finds plenty of opportunity to photograph a huge variety of local musicians, bands and national touring acts in a variety of wonderful venues throughout Phoenix and Arizona. Her images have appeared in The AZ Republic, Hal Leonard Publications, various music magazines, as the cover of Bass Musician Magazine, and her favorite work creating many CD covers and websites. Capturing the mood and emotion of performers is what moves her to follow her passion wherever it takes her next!

Joel Zolondek – is a Phoenix based photojournalist and sports photographer. Joel is a graduate of the City College Of New York and was a practicing Certified Public Accountant in Arizona for over thirty years. He has published over twenty books including:
   We Are The Champions – The 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks 
   First Pitch, Opening Day At Bank One Ballpark/Chase Field 1998 through 2015
   Places & Faces in China 2010, Russia 2011,
   Italy & France 2007, Israel 2015, Greece 2012         
   South America 2015 & Ireland 2013
In March 2015 he had an exhibition of his photographs at the Irish Cultural Center. Zolondek’s iconic sports photographs can also be found in the new Jerry Colangelo Museum at Grand Canyon University.